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So as you are playing with Facebook, or other websites online and you come across things such as and say to yourself, “That’s cool – why didn’t I think of that!” I took that opportunity and meet with Jason Jacobs, who created this service among other webpreneurs that are diving into the digital world hoping to Google their way to the top and gain popularity with others. You’d be surprised how many people got their start in this space right in my own backyard of Boston. Whether I consult people, start a site of my own and become a Webpreneur, I enjoy helping to shape that goal for myself and others. Boston’s Mayor Menino and other professionals are taking strides through the launch of the with an interest to help others promote entrepreneurship building a bridge for the future of business in this area.

Last night, Doug Levin, an entrepreneur and advisor coordinated a speaking engagement to discuss The State Of the Consumer Internet. Welcomed at the event was a select group of individuals that listen attentively to a group of webpreneurs on a panel which included Dave Balter – CEO of word-of-mouth agency BzzAgent, Jeff Bussgang – General Partner of Flybridge Capital, Jeff Taylor – CEO of, and founder of, Scott Savitz – CEO of and newcomer CEO Brad Rosen, of which provides a new iPhone application for wine connoisseurs. Among the crowd was Mr. Dan Bricklin, someone we all need to pay homage to for inventing the first spreadsheet.

We’re Making History Baby!
The event was held at The Vilna Shul, a historic Boston synagogue located in Beacon Hill. The environment provided a backdrop with an interesting blend of two worlds mixing the old with the new. As we sat in the temple, one could appreciate the restoration process that was being used to discover the true beauty in the art found behind the walls, while the audience was able to network and learn about the beauty from within each individual. The audience listened with admiration to the executives recounting  their experiences, while some individuals were hoping to make history one day themselves.

Dan recorded the event (MP3 Audio File), so I would like to share it with all of you. Some of the people you hear in the crowd could be the new webpreneurs of tomorrow experimenting in this space, seeking answers from those that have had great success. Who knows, you may learn something of your own, or say, “I use that application on my iPhone, Facebook page, or that’s really neat.” You may want to be apart of that new business development happening, or one day look back on some of the ideas discussed today and say, “I knew them before they were stars,” in the digital space.


Written by kerisinger

February 13, 2009 at 2:15 am

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  1. Thanks for this, Keri. I’d seen the post on Doug’s blog and was sorry to have missed it.

    Mike Troiano

    February 14, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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