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About Keri Singer
People are Listening to What “Kerisays”

“The internet and technology can provide advanced communication tools, but we cannot neglect personal interactions and their power to create positive moods and emotions. We need to learn from those face-to-face encounters and discover how to best translate them online. These experiences must be genuine, creative, engaging, and fun! The companies and individuals that find the right balance between the virtual world and the real one will become the true leaders in today’s competitive market.”– Keri Singer

Keri SingerSome may say they are in the business of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). I like to say that I have the “Sass” to attract others whether for professional growth, to engage audiences, or discover new business opportunities. I hope others will contribute their own personal “Sass” or “Kerisma” on this site and share their experiences. I look forward to this blog to be a way to connect, enrich, educate and enlighten others of all ages.

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Written by kerisinger

October 21, 2008 at 1:17 am

Live in the Present and Share Your Gratitude

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Tis the season to be thankful and share your gratitude by giving a gift to someone. Today, I stumbled upon a great social media share by the Sweetest Thing, a blog and Facebook page, featuring Emily Gemma’s latest fashion finds and trends. For all those ‘fashionistas’ out there including me, I enjoy reading the posts by Emily as she shares her love for certain products, life and her family. Sweetest-Thing-Emily-GemmaI thought it was “sweet” and appropriate to find this Starbucks gift card promoted on her Facebook page, as a way of giving thanks to all her followers and fans. What a great idea for you and your business! Although, it only works for a limited time with a $100 value, it certainly caught my attention and others. It’s something to think about when building loyalty with your customers, as well as reaching your audience.

Traditionally, marketers spend thousands of dollars on advertising through paid search, social media, and other campaign efforts. I’m all for using new digital media tactics that provide engaging ways to address an emotional need of your audience.  When is the last time you wrote a handwritten letter to a colleague, business partner, or bought a client an unexpected gift? In this fast pace world of new technology, we can’t lose sight of the little things that can go a long way to show our gratitude for others.

I love the way that Emily used a simple Starbucks online gift card to reveal this message on Facebook and show her appreciation of her fans.





Suppose Starbucks isn’t something on everyone’s wish list, but rather you want a better experience for the person receiving your gift. Meet, a personal shopper that will guide you in finding the right gift, at the right time, and offering choice to the recipient. Maybe you want to reward your colleague for a job well done. Perhaps, you wish to appreciate your client for his/her business. Make each gift memorable and personalize the moment with a handwritten letter, or email message.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) combined with a human check point to review the final selections, Alyce will search through the gift options available online that appeals to your colleague, client, friend or family members. In a few hours, your gift will be selected based on a criteria searched online through numerous social media profiles, and other information revealed about the person’s interests. Once the person giving the gift approves the different selections, the recipient can redeem the gift, search for something else available in exchange for its value, or donate the value of the gift to the charity of their choice.

Another great aspect to Alyce, is that this tool will easily integrate into exiting technology that companies may already be using as part of their marketing and sales strategies. For example, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo are just some tools used by marketing and sales professionals that immediately connect to Alyce’s recommendations. One can add value to their current workflows and consider new ways to build loyalty with their audiences, or provide incentives that reward employees and prospective clients.

Try it today! See if Alyce does a good job identifying your preferences and start by giving yourself, or your friend, a gift this holiday season. I would have to say two out of three choices below sound interesting to me! 😀



The New Shiny Penny: Is it always best?

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In the last few years, online media has replaced many traditional newspapers and numerous jobs have been eliminated. Additionally, much consolidation has occurred when papers such as the Boston Globe took over the Boston Herald’s production. In the Spring, the Boston Globe closed it’s original printing facility from Dorchester and moved it to Taunton. This week, the Boston Herald criticized the Boston Globe for their new printing press.

The Boston Business Journal stated in a recent article that the failure of the new press wasn’t meeting expectations or deliveries on time. The Boston Herald had to make calls to customers apologizing for the poor service and the Boston Globe “failed to print and deliver a quality product.”

This year, I was moved by the video circulating on the internet of the hard working professionals that operated the original Boston Globe printing press.


It shared the lives, commitment, talents, and legacy of hardworking people that stayed up into the late hours of the night and early morning to bring the paper to you. Not only did they work on the press, but they grew up watching their fathers do the same job for many years.

“These presses are workhorses. It is a four story machine. It’s pretty amazing to run this thing and bring it up to speed and listen to it roar.” – A former printer at the Boston Globe that worked in Dorchester and he is now retired due to the shutdown of the facility

It shared the lives, commitment, talents, and legacy of hardworking people that stayed up into the late hours of the night and early morning to bring the paper to you. Not only did they work on the press, but they grew up watching their fathers do the same job for many years.


“I love printing. I love making something, working on it with my hands. My father worked here for forty years. Even today now, I’m 55 years old and it’s still thrilling to me,” shared in the video by a former printer at the Boston Globe.

I worked at the Globe a while back in a contract role. I was impressed by the massive machinery and ability of the people to work together for the paper to land on my doorstep every day. I hope they don’t dismantle it, but they did eliminate the jobs.

Out with the old and in with the new isn’t always best. I was touched and saddened to learn of these passionate professionals that were asked to take an early retirement. Big business needs to stop and think before cutting corners and eliminating jobs.


A former printer at the Boston Globe crawls into the press to clean it on his hands and knees. He shared that despite the suit the ink bleeds into the skin and yellow is the hardest to remove from the body.

Believe it or not, I’ve built my career in digital marketing and sales to watch my job be cut where companies bring in cheaper and less qualified talent. It’s not the same.

Nothing compares to the passion, commitment, enthusiasm of qualified and skilled talent. Each work hard for endless hours to perfect a product or service. We can all learn from each other.

Written by kerisinger

September 9, 2017 at 12:35 pm

Desire and Determination Speaks Volumes: Celebrate Your Unique Skills and Talents

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It’s a shame many companies are looking for a carbon copy candidate to surround them, the “YES” men and women, while searching for someone that meets all the criteria to do the job. You may have 5 out of the 6 attributes to knock it out of the park, but it doesn’t matter to some in the position to hire. Others might be intimidated and/or feel you are more qualified, rather than collaborate together to make the overall team stronger.

Do companies today understand the value of transferable skills? They want someone that has been doing the same responsibilities for a certain amount of time. What ever happened to adding another perspective to the mix? Some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs didn’t settle for the norm and offered different ideas which created new industries and opportunities for everyone to thrive. No cogs in the wheel, but rather visionaries.

What was your quota? It doesn’t seem to matter that you brought in new business and increased quality leads, as well as having a keen understanding to influence others to believe in your philosophy. Did you call 100 prospects a day and win the President’s Club? Maybe not, but I can tell you that I strategically selected the right people and increased the productivity, ROI, and efficiencies at many different companies. Do you bid on keywords all day, conduct thorough analysis, and do you have the expertise on the latest and greatest marketing automation tool called XYZ as part of your skills? Tomorrow, there will be another new WISYWIG to learn and that popular tool will be a thing of the past. Keep learning, reading, and take your enthusiasm to apply to the industries and technologies that interest you. 


To some, it doesn’t matter that you conducted your research on the business, and that you are passionate and motivated with a proven track record. You want to work for their business, you enjoy identifying new trends, connecting with people, and inspiring others with an aptitude to learn and apply oneself.

Some of my greatest accomplishments occurred when I learned something new on the job and took the initiative in my next role. It can be challenging and frustrating if one doesn’t give you the chance to learn, apply your talents and try something new. You just might become another cog in the wheelhouse standing next to a person on the team with the same skills.

Find the company that values your innate skills, unique approach to solving problems, creativity, and appreciates your talents, as well as ability to connect with others. Some of the most successful people weren’t all experts, but they had the drive and determination to succeed.

Written by kerisinger

July 26, 2017 at 5:18 am

A Shared Sense of Purpose

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Earlier this week, I listened to Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard Commencement speech and he discussed the importance of finding your purpose, but also creating a purpose for others. Mark stated we should work towards breaking down barriers, offering guidance, creating equality, and opening the discussion to a larger community. It was the first time that many of us saw the human side of Zuckerberg and not as a young protégée of one of the most successful social networking sites. He shared his memories as a student at Kirkland Hall and when he almost got kicked out of the college. He was very confident in his abilities and later decided to leave Boston to build Facebook. Today, he expresses his commitment and passion in helping others that might be less fortunate to pursue their goals.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mark was a young computer programmer from New York and a Harvard dropout, but this week he was proud to share a special moment with all of us as he received an Honorary Harvard Doctorate degree. Today, the creator of Facebook still searches for his purpose. Millions around the world may disagree and they are grateful to his contribution of connecting a global community. Life creates new challenges that we must turn into opportunities. On occasion, we have our doubts and Mark didn’t always believe that he would have accomplished his goals. It’s at the toughest moments that you will learn something new. Remember, it’s not about finding your purpose, but putting the energy and enthusiasm into helping others find their own. Sometimes it just takes a little push in the right direction and for someone else to believe in YOU!

Written by kerisinger

May 29, 2017 at 6:21 pm

Your Best Investment is ME

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I want to attract your customers and give them the tools to succeed! I want to motivate your employees to do MORE! Change up the status quo and create more enthusiasm in your business to reach your target farther than you ever imagined.

Many view my diverse marketing experiences and they think that I would not be interested to make 100 calls a day in a sales role. It’s about being strategic in your approach and not just making random calls to buy, buy, buy! I wish to be considered as a candidate for a stellar opportunity in sales or marketing.

It’s a competitive landscape with information overload everywhere and everyone saying the same thing. I will bring a solid approach to solving problems for your business. LISTEN to the challenges expressed by the employees. MAKE GENUINE CONNECTIONS and provide great resources. Conduct RESEARCH and offer a new solution. BE AN ADVOCATE and IDENTIFY those KEY PLAYERS that understand the value. Soon they will be singing the song to make a new solution and/or service a hit in your organization.

Today, it’s about social selling,” becoming a trusted advisor, providing knowledge and good content, offering advice and a consultative approach to your services. People buy from people and they would love to learn from you.

My entire career, I’ve been a digital evangelist advising executives on new technology, training staff, and influencing others throughout organizations. Great skills to use in a technology sales career! 

People are fearful of change and I will offer great ideas to easily apply new tactics to move forward. I’ve had to pitch new programs, processes, and technologies to VPs, CFOs and CEOs. I’ve brought in new technology that improved efficiencies, qualified leads, and generated revenue that proved a better ROI. I have no qualms about contacting executives and empowering them with the tools to succeed.

I’ve figured out ways to interview George Clooney, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Matt Damon and more! I’m excited to meet a new business professional, a CEO, or even YOU. I love to help people and make new connections. It might be ideal to work for a tech company that provides a new approach and offers quantitative data to marketing professionals. I understand the challenges and pressure that sales/marketing teams encounter within companies.

Marketers continue to work hard with less money as budgets are constantly cut. No one understands the value! The book,How Google Works, recommends investing in learning animalsas your key hires. We bring passion, integrity, and the desire to apply ourselves in ways that will go much farther than a “cog in the wheel,” who is comfortable in their ways.

Keri Singer’s Resume: Hire me! 😀

We The People. We Remember. Do Something!

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DO SOMETHING! Speak your mind, TAKE ACTION, and SAY IT LOUD and BE PROUD. Actions speak louder than words. We live in a world where we have the freedoms to share our thoughts and express our opinions. If it wasn’t for the rallies and protest, my people, your people, and everyone else taking action – This would be a very different country. The rights of All The People under The Constitution give us these freedoms that is a privilege. Trump is threatening our right to freedom of speech (i.e. Press), creating lies, banning some, and creating divide in this country. A bad role model here and what our forefathers and women fought to gain their freedoms. That makes me angry! 

The many people that worked hard to create a better life for all of us. This sets a horrible example to others around the world. If people didn’t state their opinions, take action and do something about it, express themselves, then we’d just sit back and let Hitler run the world by his cards. That happened and #WeRemember. We The People don’t believe in that philosophy. Be STRONG and STAY UNITED!

Written by kerisinger

January 31, 2017 at 11:54 am

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Be Smart. Put Down the Smartphone.

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A Random Observation: I can’t believe this world today and it’s getting worse with smartphones!

PUT DOWN the PHONE and TALK to a PERSON. Everyone wants to connect virtually and not personally. I watch a young man walk into Panera wearing his headphones and looking at his phone. He grabbed his dinner from a cubby with his name on it and left. No “Hello.” “Thank you for your help.” Or, “Have a nice day!”life-is-not-smartphones

I sit alone outside on Boylston street in Boston eating dinner. I watch people pass by looking down at their phones. No acknowledgement of others. No smiles. No, “Can I help you?” We are all addicts – Even me at times! Yet, I still make a point to say HELLO and TALK to PEOPLE.

SMILE 😀 and STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION with someone today. You’ll notice life was better WITHOUT YOUR PHONE all the time. Connect with a PERSON IN PERSON and enrich your life!

Think about all the things you might have missed and make your reality REAL!

Written by kerisinger

September 22, 2016 at 11:42 am

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